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23.02.2017 / 9:30 - 10:00 Uhr: ip-label Webinar
Shadow IT: how to regain control?

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More and more business managers are opting to choose their own IT solutions and rely on external service providers.Their choices, made without prior consultation with or approval from the IT department, have structural repercussions for enterprise IT.

This unavoidable phenomenon, known as Shadow IT, is not without consequences. Beyond immediate security-related aspects, this practice goes some way to undermining the legitimacy of the IT department by creating parallel IT which can be difficult to control. Moreover, if any issues arise, the IT teams are always asked to come to the rescue.

Take part in our webinar on Thursday 23 February where we will look at how APM and measuring user experience is a pragmatic, concrete response to Shadow IT by:
• reconciling business concerns with IT imperatives
• promoting transparency in IT practices
• focusing more decisively on customer experience
• check the performance of cloud applications outside the control of the IT department

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